• Asia Reformulation Conference 2019 96.5% Certified Zero Waste Event

    Asia Reformulation Conference 2019

    REAL IMPACT Zero Waste Event Certification & Impact Assessment Report

  • Event Performance Indicators

    Recorded by Marina Bay Sands, Verified by REAL IMPACT

    200 KG

    Total Potential Waste

    193 KG

    Diverted from Landfill / Incineration


    % Diversion from Landfill / Incineration

  • Food & Beverage

    Waste Treatment Method: Food Digestion

    164 KG

    Total Food Prepared and Served

    10 KG

    Total Food Waste Created


    Food Waste Created


    Food Waste Sent For Digestion

  • Plastic, Paper & Metal

    Waste Treatment Method: Recycling

    2 KG

    Total Plastic Waste Created

    16.5 KG

    Total Paper Waste Created

    0.5 KG

    Total Metal (Cans) Waste Created


    Plastic, Paper & Metal Waste Sent For Recycling

  • General Waste

    Waste Treatment Method: Incineration

    6.5 KG

    Total Set Up & Tear Down Waste Created

    0.5 KG

    All Other Waste Created


    Waste Diversion from Landfill / Incineration

  • Honorable Mentions

    Going the Extra Mile

    ARC 2019 Landscape Report

    Reduced Waste Approach

    For Food & Beverage Services:

    1. Ensure No Single-Use Items for food service stations (stirrers, sugar sachets, condiments, Mentos).
    2. Prepare 75%-100% of precise catering numbers to reduce over preparation of food. 
    3. Use of industrial blast chiller for any unserved over-prepped food. 
    4. Limit use of shrink wrap and use Bio-Polymer shrink wrap when needed.

    For Event Logistics:

    1. Reduced use of paper (minimal use of writing paper for the event).
    2. Reused name badges (delegates' name badges are returned and kept for future use).


  • Acknowledgments

    Food Industry Asia

    Organised By

    Marina Bay Sands Singapore

    Venue Partner

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