• Eco-Efforts and Initiatives

    Undertaken by Event Organiser on advice from REAL IMPACT

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    Festival Experience & Logistics

    • Booths are constructed using elegant wooden planks that are both modular and reusable. 
    • The organizers have carefully curated and invited vendors and exhibitors that only sells plant-based products. 
    • The organizers have instituted measures to prevent sales of bottled water, unsustainable palm oil and other non-environmentally friendly products.
    • Digital goodie bags are used to reduce the use of material prizes and physical pamphlets. 
    • Single-use and disposable items are kept to the minimal. 
    • Post-event waste created is kept to the minimal. 
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    • The event venue mostly uses ambient lighting and cooling, which reduces the need for additional power consumption. 
    • Workshops & outreach sessions were conducted to advocate and educate the members of the public on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
    • The organizers ensured that EarthFest@PS 2019 is a carbon-neutral event by offsetting its carbon emissions with Environmental Solutions. 
  • Acknowledgments

    Earth Fest

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    Plaza Singapura

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