• Eco-Efforts and Initiatives

    Undertaken by Event Organiser on advice from REAL IMPACT

    Exhibition Landscape Shot

    Event Logistics

    1. Program booklets are distributed digitally, which reduces the need for physical copies. 
    2. The use of single-use and disposable items are kept to the minimal. 
    3. Post-event waste created is kept to the minimal. 
    Sustainability Focused Exhibitions

    Exhibition Experience

    1. The exhibition is sustainability-themed and the organizers have carefully curated exhibitors to ensure the showcase is aligned to its core theme.
    2. The exhibition booths are constructed using reusable furniture and materials. 
    3. The organizers have instituted measures to ensure all exhibition collaterals and displays are to be taken back by the respective exhibitor after the event concludes. 
    Use of Washables

    Food & Beverage

    1. The organizers have under-catered food to prevent excessive food wastage. 
    2. Excess food was packed into separate reusable containers and was redistributed amongst staff, participants and members of the public. 
    3. Washable crockeries were used for lunch service and it eliminated the need for disposables.
  • Acknowledgments

    Singapore Environment Council

    Organised By

    National University Of Singapore

    Venue Partner

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