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    Zero Waste Event Certification

    Make Your Event Greener & More Sustainable. Play Your Part in Saving Our World.

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  • You can Host an Amazing Event that Does Not Harm Our Environment

    Here's How We Can Help You

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    Gap Analysis

    We will work closely with you to conduct a gap analysis based on your detailed event plan and we will highlight the areas for improvement and share them with you.


    Engagement Period

    We will work closely with you to address the identified areas for improvement. We will also recommend you implementable ideas and solutions to enable and empower you to host a truly zero waste event.


    Event Day Assessment

    We will be working closely with you to ensure proper implementation of the recommended solutions on the event day. In addition, we will also be on-site to record and verify key performance indicators as required for certification. This on-site assessment will be conducted throughout the entire event.


    Certification and Impact Assessment Report

    We will prepare an event impact assessment report for you and it will be published and made publicly available on a personalised webpage within 2 to 3 weeks. An accompanying impact certification will also be issued to you and your partners and it will be displayed on the same webpage as the report. This webpage will be hosted on REAL IMPACT's domain.

  • Extra Brownie Points

    when you host a Zero Waste Event

    Save Money By Reducing Waste

    Eco-efficient event practices, such as "design-for-reuse" and "going digital" can help you to save more money. For example, by adopting a "going digital" approach, the digitalisation of event information and communication via digital channels can greatly reduce the use of paper and as a result, helping you to save on the printing cost.

    Increased Revenue Opportunity

    Green consumerism is on the rise and by hosting a greener event, you are greatly increasing your chances of securing an investment or a sponsorship deal. You are opening doors to working with new clients to help them meet their own CSR objectives and even attract the attention of a new sponsor and provide unique ideas for sponsors activations.

    Avoids Damage and Risks To Your Brand

    Reducing your event environmental footprint could greatly deter you from inviting criticism and unwanted questions, or even risking financial penalties or loss, which any or all of it, could be detrimental to your brand and growth potential.

    Matches Attendee Ideals

    Environmental & social consciousness matters to a large proportion of your current or potential attendees. If you can’t meet their expectations, they are less likely to come along or to return to future events.

    Don't Green Wash, Prove It With Verifiable Action

    Your attendees will always be skeptical of noble and bold claims until proven otherwise. Don't just make another claim. Instead, walk the talk and demonstrate your commitment to a better world by taking the appropriate action and having it verified by an independent certification body.

    Attract and Retaining Talents

    Similar to matching your attendee's ideals, going green can also help you attract and retain top talents to run your event, and passionate volunteers to ensure your event's success. 

  • Clients and Brands We Have Worked With

    DFSS 2019

    Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit 2019

    29 March 2019, Grand Hyatt Singapore

    100% Zero Waste to Landfill/Incineration Certified

    Organised by Alliance for a Responsible Future (ARF)

    FIA ARC 2019

    Asia Reformulation Conference 2019

    19 September 2019, Marina Bay Sands

    96.5% Zero Waste to Landfill/Incineration Certified

    Organised by Food Industry Asia (FIA)

    EarthFest 2019

    EarthFest@PS 2019

    24-30 June 2019, Plaza Singapura

    Organised by Earth Fest Singapore

    Conscious Festival 2019

    The Conscious Festival 2019 (Singapore)

    2-3 November 2019, South Beach Avenue

    98.2% Zero Waste to Landfill/Incineration Certified

    Organised by Green Is The New Black

    SEC School Green Awards 2019

    School Green Awards 2019

    12 November 2019, University Cultural Centre

    Organised by Singapore Environment Council

    Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development 2019

    Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development 2019

    19 November 2019, St Regis Singapore

    99.4% Zero Waste to Landfill/Incineration Certified

    Organised by Global Initiatives